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Competitive Speech and Debate Judge Manual. 2016-2017. The Judge's Policy debate, also known as CX, is made up of evidence-based argumentation between two teams of two members each. The debate is like a .. In value debate, the basis for establishing or evaluating policy (i.e., net benefits). In value debate, the
A counterplan is a policy option offered by the negative team that is not the status quo and not the A net benefit means you shouldn't do them both at the same time. Most counterplans compete via net benefits. So the negative must win: *the affirmative plan links to some offensive arguments such as a disadvantage.
17 Oct 2016 Public Forum Debate. General Information. Speaking Order and Times. Specific Round Information. Sample Topics. Congressional Debate (Student Congress). General Information. Student Congress Runs Differently in Every League. Your Role as a Judge/Scorer. At the End of a Session. Policy Debate.
8 Sep 2017 A dispositional CP will claim the CP can be dropped under certain conditions (most typically if the net benefit is turned). Most judges will allow conditional/dispositional CPs since the Affirmative can drop any argument at any time, why not the Negative? However a few judges think that a CP which is turned
31 Oct 2011 If the net-benefit is avoiding a DA (which it almost always is) Question it like any DA (see above). For each Kritik. Ask them if it is an "a priori" issue? (meaning must it be considered first before anything else - they will usually say it is). Ask them why it is a priori, what makes it critical to a high-school debate?
DEBATING. 8. III. WHERE DOES THIS FIT IN A ROUND? 9. Chapter 3: The Policy Debate Process. 10. Chapter 4: Debating, Negative Options and Approaches, or, THE BIG 6. 11. I. TOPICALITY: DOES THE versus Counterplan case solvency, the net benefits, the net detriments to the Counterplan and, generally, the
National Debate Project. Policy Debate Manual. Page. What Is Debate? Everyone knows what a debate is. You see debates every day. Presidential candidates have debates, senators have debates, sports commentators have debates, and even normal people at parties have debates about important topics like whether
Team policy debate is an activity in which students try to persuade a judge that their arguments Emory National Debate Institute Debate Manual .. B) Net Benefits. This means that doing the counterplan alone provides more benefits than do- ing the plan alone and provides more benefits than doing the counterplan and
What do we debate? Each year, all policy debaters across the nation will discuss one problem facing the US today, called the resolution. The affirmative team must run a . TJ Debaters' Handbook 1 .. 2) Net benefits argument: this says that although the plan and CP could done together, the CP by itself would be better.
The Great Debate: A Handbook for Policy Debate and Public Forum Debate [Jonathan A Wolfson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Great Debate provides students a premier resource for learning the art of debate and developing the skills they need to succeed in the debate round.