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Way of the Hero. Complete guide to HOMM3SOD. Table of contents: General Game Guide · Combat Guide · Troop charts - efficienty comparison and more · Castle guide · Rampart Guide · Conflux guide · Tower guide · Stronghold guide · Fortress guide · Inferno guide · Necropolis guide · Dungeon guide.
Heroes 3 Town Rating -TOWER- Everyone is invited to share his own opinion about every town in Heroes 3. Try to use these topics as order for your postings: - Advantages, Disadvantages - Best creature(s), with explanation why, e.g tactical usefullness - Worst creature(s), with explanation why, e.g too low
Strengths: The most durable troops. Excellency in castle defenses (dendroid special) Three anti-magic specials. Castle special (Treasury) is cumulative and can sometimes achieve great results. Both defender fighters have benefically increased growth rate. Weaknesses: Only one shooter and two flyers (and one of them
Strengths: Cheapest troops. Most offensive troops. Weaknesses: Lack of potent shooters - cyclops are hard to build due to ore and crystal requirements. Only one flyer. Army evaluation: Goblins 4/2/5/1-2/5/40. Hobgoblins 5/3/5/1-2/7/50. Due to their speed, both goblins and hobgoblins are somewhat more useful than you'd
Strengths: Capable fighters. Archangels' special. Weaknesses: Shooters very weak on defense. Army evaluation: Pikemen 4/5/10/1-3/4/60. Halberdiers 6/5/10/2-3/5/75. Third best 1stlevel unit. Archers 6/3/10/2-3/4/100. Marksmen 6/3/10/2-3/6/150, shoot twice. After upgrade, they can be pretty effective, considered their price
Almost useless, their role lies mostly in castle defending. Wights 7/7/18/3-5/5/200, regenerate. Wraiths 7/7/18/3-5/7/230, regenerate, drain 2 spell points per turn. Flyers of average speed, their use is in castle sieging and in eliminating4 weak shooters. I rarely use them, though. Vampires 10/9/30/5-8/6/360, no retalitation
This document contains no 'general' rules - all thone non-class-specific ones are in the Way of the Hero and I suggest you read it if you haven't done so yet. Strengths: Titans - the only 7thlevel shooter. Hordes of gremlins at start. Best 6thlevel troop. Three shooters and two flyers. Useful special of Master Genies (if used
Those little ugly things make a good cannonfodder for castle defenses, but I wouldn't take them into battle unless needed. Harpies 6/5/14/1-4/6/130, return after attack. Harpy Hags 6/6/14/1-4/9/190, return after attack, no retaliation. Probably the best 2ndlevel unit in the game - upgraded version, of course. With their high
Gnoll Marauders 4/6/6/2-3/5/70. They offer above average 1stlevel performance, but that doesn't mean you should use them. Lizardmen 5/6/14/2-3/4/110. Lizard Warriors 6/8/15/2-5/5/140. Since the SOD upgrade, they're a bit more durable and also score higher damage. That makes the only fortress shooter more important.
6 May 2017 Tower town is a good alignment town type with Alchemist and Wizard hero classes. Tower populations are comprised of creatures bound into service by powerful magic, made on the spot, or allied with the town through ancient pacts. Tower armies have uniformly good morale and some of the best range