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Print Share. Holders of exploration and mining authorities must submit periodic reports on their exploration activities. Details of reporting requirements for exploration and mining authorities, are specified in the following documents. ESG4: Guideline for preparing an Environmental and Rehabilitation Compliance Report.
This Guideline has been developed to provide comprehensive guidelines for title holders and operators when drilling and maintaining the integrity of boreholes and wells for the exploration and production of coal, minerals and petroleum resources. The Guideline is structured in four parts: Part A provides an introduction to
1 Mar 2016 Guideline for mineral exploration drilling; drilling and integrity of petroleum exploration and production wells. Mining Act 1992 and Petroleum (Onshore) Act 1991
An exploration licence gives the licence holder exclusive rights to explore for petroleum or specific minerals within a designated area but it does not permit mining, nor does it guarantee a mining or production lease will be granted. All new coal mines, petroleum production leases and mineral sand mines, other large mines
Guidelines, Policies and Other Information. 59 appendix 2. Glossary of Terms,. Abbreviations and Acronyms. 61. Glossary of Terms. 61. Glossary of Abbreviations and acronyms. 66 appendix 3. Description of Exploration Activities 67. Overview of Exploration Methods. 68. Exploration Methods Explained: Geological Mapping
1 Mar 2016 Exploration reporting: A guide for reporting on exploration and prospecting in New South Wales. Disclaimer. The Division of Resources and Energy within NSW Department of Industry, Skills and Regional. Development (department) is currently working to produce a revised guideline for mineral and.
The Codes of Practice outline mandatory requirements for explorers in the exploration of resources. The Codes are intended to provide upfront information to the industry and the community, and enable industry to adopt a risk-based, best practice approach in meeting requirements. Go to Codes of practice. Guidelines. Guideline for community consultation requirements for exploration. Mining Act 1992 and Petroleum (Onshore) Act 1991. 1 March 2016
The Guidelines are intended to assist explorers in understanding requirements and processes associated with various exploration activities. The following Guidelines are still under development and will be released at a later date: Industry guideline for coal explorers; Industry guideline for petroleum explorers; Industry
Operational allocation guidelines The Operational Allocation framework is an important reform to support existing coal miners and explorers in NSW. It enables the NSW community and industry to maximise the value and longevity of these commitments by allowing existing coal exploration, assessment, or production